Nouns Vortex:
A privacy preserving voting for Nouns DAO

Presented by team 水 (Mizu)

telegram contacts: @levs57, @curryrasul

This is our R&D team presentation for Noun's DAO voting research sprint.

About us

We are a team of friends, we both work in zk and are passionate at advancing the field forward, both theoretically and practically.

Rasul: I am systems engineer, currently working on RLN (Rate-Limiting Nullifier) at Ethereum Foundation in Privacy & Scaling Explorations team, and mainly specialize in zk circuits engineering and Rust. I have experience of participating (and winning) in various blockchain hackathons & contests; for the last hackathon we built VoAn (ANonymous VOting protocol) on NEAR (explanation and app).

Lev: I have the research mathematician background (and several publications in algebraic geometry which are hardly relevant in this scope). I have just participated in Ethereum Foundation's grant project devoted to MACI voting system, and with my coauthor we've developed this MPC algorithm I'm very proud of. I also bear the Groth16 Hacker Soulbound, which was given to the ten winners of ZK Hack x Geometry Puzzle. I mostly design stuff, and think about security.

The design

While this presentation is supposed be mostly about our team and our achievements, we have judged that our most relevant achievement is that we have actually thought about this kind of problems for a long time.

Therefore, the best way of representing us is actually laying down a detailed exposition of our proposed design. There are some gaps in it that will need to be filled in during R&D process, but we believe that "research" part is almost ready at this point, and proudly propose the following ➜➜➜